5. Standardisation of sample handling

BioSHaRE has developed several tools to facilitate the standardisation of sample handling, such as standard operating procedures, recommendations and reports. These tools have been developed with input from extensive literature review, expert opinion, best practices of cohorts participating in BioSHaRE, and the conduct of additional scientific research within BioSHaRE.


Tool Description Website Document
Standardisation of Sample Handling
Standard Operating Procedures for the
handling of liquid biosamples
1. Blood withdrawal
2. Blood processing
3. Urine withdrawal, processing and storage
4. Shipping of liquid biosamples
Reports and recommendations for storage
and analyses of data and samples
1. Evidence-based minimal standards on:
  • Pre-analytical techniques for epigenetics
  • Pre-analytical techniques for metabolomics
  • Quality standards for OMIC‐analysis
  2. Temperature effects of preparing and thawing samples on different
analysis techniques.

3. Harmonisation and standardisation of inflammatory biomarkers.


  4. Trace element analysis  
  5. Recommendations for utilization of omical data and/or identified
patterns in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment