IBS IV: International Biobanking Summit

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 13:00

The fourth edition of the International Biobanking Summit is co-Organized by P3G, ISBER, BioSHaRE, ESBB and Biobank Norway
Held in conjunction with ISBER 2015 in Phoenix. For more information find the IBS IV program and ISBER conference information.

International Biobanking and ‘Big Data’ Meet Innovative Governance?

Big Data refers to the integration of large, diverse and complex types of data for use in biomedical
research. Such data structures pose a number of challenges related primarily to processing,
accessing, sharing, managing, and analyzing the data, In addition, there are major challenges
related to privacy and security. Biobanks are not only the holders of Big Data elements; they may
also interface with other sources of information (i.e. specific research studies, health registers or
electronic medical records, social security administration, etc.) in order to generate the Big Data
needed to address specific research questions. Big Data approaches are essential to maximize
scientific return of the data yet this can only be realized if we transform our ethico-legal
approaches to meet the demands posed by Big Data. This IBS IV will describe three governance
areas challenged by Big Data: ethics review, consent, and access. Through presentations and
panel and plenum discussions we will explore the strengths and considerations of several
innovative approaches to these issues.