Work Packages

BioSHaRE is a collaborative project that has been developed by investigators of a large range of disciplines.
The collaborative activities of nine specialist work packages will enable the achievement of the project.

  Lead participant
1. Coordination and management UMCG Ronald Stolk
2. Data repository and epidemiological/ clinical harmonization UMCG Morris Swertz
3. Epidemiology and Biostatistics for Biobank Harmonization ULEIC Paul Burton
4. Bioinformatics standardization/ harmonization for optimised information management ULEIC Anthony Brookes
5. Biospecimen harmonization/standardization HMGU Melanie Waldenberger
6. Metabolomic and genetic risk factors for clustering of complex diseases FIMM Markus Perola
7. Societal and environmental risk factors for complex diseases NTNU Kristian Hveem
8. Strategic integration and coordination with major biobanking initiatives, partnerships
and dissemination
NIPH Jennifer Harris
9. Implementation & Roll-out FIMM Samuli Ripatti



BioSHaRE-EU has been designed to contain nine inter-related Work Packages (WPs) that pull together key areas of ‘phenotype harmonisation and standardisation’ (here implying phenotype in the broadest sense of the word, to include biomedical phenotype, environment, and socio-economic factors), bioinformatics tools, partnerships/dissemination, and implementation/roll-out – guided professionally on Ethical, Legal and Social Implications by a team of ELSI professionals and competent coordination/management. This arrangement is illustrated in the figure below.