Harmonization Datasets

A Harmonization Dataset documents and annotates a set of core variables which provides a concise but effective list of information to be harmonized in a specific scientific context. Variables found in a Harmonization Dataset therefore represent the reference format into which study-specific data needs to be processed to arrive at harmonized data. When a study can generate a variable defined in a Harmonization Dataset, a processing algorithm is developed to map study-specific data to the variable format defined in the Harmonization Dataset.

Namesort descending Description
Environmental Core Project DataSchema

The Environmental Core Project (ECP) aims to study the effects of environmental exposures, specifically traffic-related air pollution and road traffic noise, on the cardio-respiratory and mental...

Functional Somatic Symptoms (FSS) DataSchema

The "FSS DataSchema" is aimed at supporting the harmonization of  population-based cohorts to determine FSS prevalence in different cohorts.

Healthy Obese Project DataSchema

The Healthy Obese Project (HOP) aims to evaluate the prevalence of the metabolically healthy obese, assess lifestyle determinants and clinical consequences of healthy obesity and explore genetic...